The Lowdown

 Beautifully handcrafted in the USA of the highest quality materials, the Vagabond was designed in 1981  by musician and luthier Kevin Smith. Sold around the world the Vagabond  is a versatile, dynamic, lightweight alternative to a full size guitar.  Small, yet it has a full rich sound. It can be amplified and played on stage. The Vagabond was designed as a travel guiar, is easily stowable, and  comes with a rugged protective bag. It is renowned for fine fretwork and  precise intonation, a perfect marriage of size and function. 

Stage & Studio

 What started as a "travel guitar"  turned into so much more, with  Neil Young, Jill Sobule, Phish and Michael Gordon. The Vagabond's surprising full, clear sound rings out on stage with no feedback. In the studio,  it is versitile for laying down foundation tracks, or with effects for distinctive leads 

Home & Travel

This is a frequent quote we  get about the Vagabond: "I have many high end Taylor and Martin guitars  and like the Vagabond's unique sound and playability. It is the guitar I  reach for."

  • I  booked a budget round trip flight from Albany, NY to Redding, CA. My  route included 2 airlines and four plane changes each way. I loosened  the strings, packed my vagabond in its bag and checked it through  baggage. My Vagabond arrived safe and sound after both flights. The  Vagabond's tough construction has been proven again and again over 20  years.
  • The Vagabond is always handy around the house, reach for it at any time.

Your Satisfaction is guaranteed:

 Take a road test and experience  the pleasure of owning a Vagabond Travel Guitar. Pick your model and  options, and we will promptly ship you a vagabond set up with easy  playing action. If you have any special requests in this area, we are  happy to accommodate you. Take up to 10 days to fall in love with the  Vagabond. If by some chance you are not delighted with your purchase,  simply return it in the same condition in which you received it, for a  full refund of you invoice total, including our regular shipping charge,  express shipping is at your option. 

Neil YOung with R.E.M.

In many ways, this is still the most referenced Vagabond video. Neil Young received his first Vagabond at his Bridge School benefit (he now owns four).

Jill Sobule

We never know what Jill will do next! Here she is jammin' at Ted Talks with a bemused Herbie Hancock!

Mike Gordon

Mike Gordon talks about Neil Young, Phish, Vagabonds, climbing trees, colors, and his custom built black Hobo.

 Mike has described the Vagabond:  "Who knew that this would be the Funk Machine from hell" 

Buzz Holland: The Hobo

Our Friend Buzz Holland (aka Frank Goodman) made this cool demo of his Hobo for us. Some of the facts may be off geographically, but the sound is right on. Note that the Hobo is not plugged in, to show its natural sound